We sell water well hydro fracking equipment across the U.S. and worldwide. Take a look at our current inventory, and call us at 978-422-3341 or 978-906-3343, or email us if you have any questions.

DuraFRAC Inflatable Packers for Sale
Complete high pressure DuraFRAC inflatable packers for hydro fracturing, from Inflatable Packers International. We are the only water well distributors for IPI in North America. We have low, medium and high pressure packers in a wide variety of sizes to fit any water well application.
IPI DuraFRAC Packers for Sale
Replacement DuraFRAC Elements for Sale
We have replacement elements to fit most major packer manufacturers.
Mechanical Packers and Hydrofracking Parts for Sale
Mechanical packers and parts for water well hydro fracturing
Packer Inflate Systems for Sale
Complete packer inflate system
Packer Inflate Pumps for Sale
Gas engine packer inflate pump
Hydro Fracking Pipe for Sale
Schedule 80 Hydro Fracking pipe in aluminum or steel, any size and length
Hydro Fracking Hoses for Sale
High pressure discharge hoses and hammer unions in any length, size and pressure
Hydrofracking Inflatable Pumps for Sale
If you have an electric inflate pump, we can replace it with a new hydraulic or gas motor inflate pump (see next image).
Hydrofracking Inflatable Pumps for Sale
Hydraulic inflate pump
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